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PARABOLA Series: The outdoor heating solution

ECOFAB's PARABOLA series is a celebration of the union between maths, geometry and art in the design of outdoor fireplaces. Inspired by the shapes and functions of the parabola and the sine function, each fireplace is a functional work of art that promotes outdoor living. The cast iron structure and mathematically inspired design provide not only aesthetic beauty, but also efficiency and durability. This sculptural object elevates any outdoor space, making moments around the fire even more special and memorable.

The outdoor fireplaces in the PARABOLA series, with a diameter of 900mm and a height of between 170mm and 500mm, are made of cast iron (plate) and steel tube (frame), weather-resistant and portable materials to enrich and revitalise your garden.

ECOFAB SINE CURVE outdoor fireplace


SINE CURVE outdoor fireplace.

ECOFAB SINE LINE Outdoor Fireplace


SINE LINE outdoor fireplace.

ECOFAB SINE LINE PLUS outdoor fireplace


Outdoor fireplace SINE LINE PLUS .

ECOFAB outdoor fireplace, garden heating

Be inspired by the elegance of ECOFAB outdoor fireplaces

Discover the elegance and charm of ECOFAB outdoor fireplaces, which combine modern design with the age-old fascination with fire. These pieces that stand out as decorative elements transform any outdoor space into a cosy atmosphere. ECOFAB elevates the outdoor experience with durable fireplaces made from a single piece of cast iron and steel support, ideal for decks, gardens or any outdoor area. These fireplaces invite moments of conviviality, allowing direct contact with the flame, elements that have enchanted us since antiquity, to guarantee functionality of use and bring a touch of sophistication to your outdoor environment.

The unique design materialised by the geometry of the parabola on a cast iron plate and the steel tube base offers the perfect combination for your home. Adaptable to all seasons, these fireplaces serve as a centrepiece for gatherings of family and friends. Transform your evenings and nights, whatever the season, into moments of beauty and comfort with ECOFAB outdoor fireplaces, where quality and design meet to create unforgettable outdoor experiences.

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